Tories call for local bus review for Bishopsworth

Bishopsworth councillors Richard Eddy and Kevin Quartley say that western Bedminster Down and Highridge, in particular, are poorly served by public transport and the situation will get worse following the completion of the Link Road. 

At present, local residents who qualify for the OAP concessionary bus pass can travel on the A1 Airport Flyer – which runs over the A38 and Bedminster Down – and the A4 Airport Flyer – which runs westwards from Bath through Bishopsworth.

However, current plans suggest that the majority of Airport Flyer buses will run along the new Link Road when it is finished and so avoid the more populated parts of Bishopsworth.

Cllr Richard Eddy made a plea to Mayor George Ferguson at the Full Council held on Tuesday 10th November to hold an urgent bus review into the matter.

Cllr Eddy said: ‘Most of eastern Bishopsworth is very poorly served by regular and unreliable buses.  This creates very real difficulties for those without access to the private motor-car.

‘My fellow Bishopsworth councillor Kevin Quartley and I have been calling for a localised bus review - incorporating the Airport Flyers – for over six months.  We believe it is essential this is undertaken in early 2016 – well before the Link Road is finished – so that our constituents’ interests are safeguarded.’

His colleague, Cllr Kevin Quartley, added: ‘ Bishopsworth has already lost the 510 bus and has a seriously reduced coverage from the 52 service – which only runs during the working day, never at weekends or Bank Holidays.  Local residents who wish to use the bus need their interests to be urgently considered.’


Cllrs Eddy and Quartley’s request is being considered by the Mayor and a response should be forthcoming by the Place Directorate later in November.