One of the questions I often hear from residents is why they should bother voting for a Councillor when we have a Mayor?  My answer is simple - you need strong and capable local councillors to defend your interests.  The Mayor cannot govern alone but is reliant upon the cooperation of elected Members.

Your Bristol Conservative Councillors continue to work hard have worked hard to represent the needs of our community and interests of our City. We don’t agree with the Mayor on quite a number of issues. However we firmly believe that screaming at him from the side-lines achieves nothing. Such an approach might attract a headline or two in the press for a short while but it does nothing for the people of Bristol in the long run.

When we disagree with the Mayor, such as over the 20mph roll out or the cuts to local libraries, we do so firmly but civilly. We stick to our guns, and try and build a consensus to achieve the change we need.

We used this approach with previous Mayor and we continue to do so now. By doing so we managed to protect local services and facilities. We secured investment for rail improvements, protected local museums, more money to improve local libraries, saved public toilets from closure and achieved a great deal. But, of course, there is always much more to be done.

With your support we will continue to fight for a common sense approach on the City Council. The more Councillors we have the more that we can achieve!