Bristol needs diverse political representation in City Council now more than ever in order to prevent Labour from dominating the city for years to come. As Conservatives we stand against the Labour agenda in order to protect local services and facilities from cuts, and to advocate for responsible, economically viable governance.

Providing effective opposition in local government relies on the efforts of capable, hardworking councillors that will defend your interests and represent the needs of our communities. With the continued support of our friends and neighbours we as Conservatives will continue to fight for a practical, common sense approach in City Council.

In doing so we have achieved many victories, securing investment for rail improvements, using our connections in government to gain further investment for infrastructure, protecting local museums, finding more investment to improve local libraries and saved public toilets from closure.

Voting Conservative ensures that your voice is heard on local, regional and national scale. There is always much more that can be done and we are always looking for ways to improve the way Bristol is run.