Conservative Policy Forum


Conservative Policy Forum (CPF)

The purpose of CPF is to give feedback to CCHQ on members’ views on the future policy of the party. If you want to ensure that party policy represents your views then this is not possible unless you tell CCHQ what your views are. The CPF offers you the opportunity to do this at discussion groups where discussion papers are reviewd and questions raised. The Minister involved then posts a reply. It really is power to the people.

The aim of CPF is particularly important over the year prior to a General Election as it contributes to the party policy included in the Manifesto for that election. Most of the topics of the discussion papers and questions are therefore sent to the 250 CPF groups around the country by CCHQ. However, if we wish to discuss other topics or even write our own discussion paper then we may do so.    Members have compiled a list of the topics which they would like to discuss. The key topics are:-

  1. Europe
  2. Immigration
  3. NHS sustainability
  4. Economy
  5. Social behaviour
  6. Energy supplies
  7. Electoral reform

If you want to discuss any other topics, please let us know.

If you want to attend a meeting, please see the events section of the website or contact