Stoke Bishop

Local campaigner Henry Michallat joins long standing Councillor John Goulandris as your new team for Stoke Bishop Ward. John and Henry want to make Stoke Bishop, Sea Mills and Sneyd Park an even better place to live and are passionate about supporting local residents.

John and Henry have a positive vision for our local communities that includes:

  • Increasing investment in parks & open spaces, as well as planting more trees
  • Fighting to remove the fence at Stoke Lodge and restore public access
  • Work towards a joined-up approach for local transport with more reliable bus services and rail improvements
  • Saving our local Post Office on Sea Mills Square, as this serves as a vital community hub in Sea Mills. 
  • Making sure local taxpayers’ money is spent on local services not on the Mayor’s vanity projects

Your Conservative team are working hard at these times to ensure everyone is kept safe and look forward to getting everything back on track following the coronavirus pandemic. As always, should you need to contact your councillors or local campaigners, then please do not hesitate to do so via our contact page, stating who you’d like to speak with and your location.

On the 6th of May 2021 use both your votes for the Conservatives to ensure Stoke Bishop, Sea Mills and Sneyd Park has a strong voice at City hall.

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