Save Westbury and Henleaze Libraries

There is going to be a by-election in Westbury & Henleaze on 24th May. This is because a Councillor has resigned. The stakes at this by-election couldn’t be higher. The Labour Council are threatening to close Westbury and potentially close Henleaze Libraries. They have already closed the public toilets on Westbury High Street. So, make a commitment to help save Westbury and Henleaze Libraries by signing up for a postal vote and voting Conservative.

The Labour Council have let down Westbury and Henleaze by threatening and closing vital public services – including our Libraries.

Your local Conservative Councillors, have been working with residents to help save Westbury Library. The final decision on its future is yet to be made. Unlike Labour who are cutting our vital public services, your Conservative Councillors have a plan to keep Westbury and Henleaze Libraries open. Libraries are a much-needed social hub providing many services and must be protected.

Together we can force the Labour Party to listen. Using your vote, you can send a message to the Labour Council. Westbury Library must stay open!

The Conservatives are the second largest Party on Bristol City Council. Only the Conservatives can hold Labour to account and help force them to keep Westbury Library open.