South Gloucestershire Conservative Councillors Leading the Way on Recycling

South Gloucestershire is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to recycling. The ruling Conservative administration has taken the decision to change the plastic lids on coffee cups. These are currently made of black plastic, which cannot be recycled using the commonly available equipment because it uses scanners which cannot detect black plastic. As such the Council, which uses many thousands of plastic coffee cup lids a year, is moving to white plastic.

Cllr John Goddard, Chair of Resources, commented on the decision:

“We introduced kerbside recycling at no extra cost to the taxpayer, and with our new Waste Strategy we are now bringing back weekly bin collections for recycling waste. Now as part of our greener push, we are making sure we get our own house in order as well and have made sure our coffee cup lids will be recyclable in future.

It is important we all do our bit and I implore everybody to make a change to improve their recycling. If you need advice please visit our website at or call 01454868000.”

For more information please contact Simon Schofield on 01454864204 or