Leading Bristol Conservative Councillor Backs Rail Study

Conservative Leader Councillor Mark Weston has welcomed a major new feasibility study into local rail projects which is being commissioned by Bristol City Council.

The aim of this evaluation is to revisit and re-examine how a number of schemes such as the long-campaigned for ‘Henbury Loop’ and the building or refurbishment of train stations at Ashton Gate; Horfield/Lockleaze and St Anne’s can be delivered.

This move follows the recent Government announcement to delay completion of the electrification of the Great Western Rail line – due to spiralling costs – and an expectation that investment in alternative infrastructure and rolling stock upgrades could still bring significant improvements in the passenger travelling experience.

Now, it seems this re-prioritisation in funding has created an opportunity for funding to be found or released for important network enhancements around the city.

Cllr Weston (Con, Henbury & Brentry) said:  “This appraisal is timely and necessary in the wake of the Ministerial decision on electrification. 

“I am hopeful there is some light at the end of this particular political tunnel which may see progress made on key desperately needed local improvements to Bristol’s suburban rail offer – like completing my beloved Henbury Loop.

“The new study will give people an opportunity to once again make the strong case for investment in stations, platforms, lines and better trains.

“I am looking forward to contributing to this process when the specialist rail consultants begin their work early next year.”

CONTACT MARK WESTON tel:  0770 942 1667