Keeping Stoke Lodge Open For All

The battle to keep community access to Stoke Lodge has intensified. The public have enjoyed open access to Stoke Lodge and its lovely grounds since the 1940's. Cotham School challenged an application to register Stoke Lodge as a town green, which would have preserved the playing fields as green space. 

Cllr Peter Abraham comments "On 25th June Labour used its casting vote at the PROW committee to support Cotham School. We were let down by the Green Party, who has stated publicly they backed the town green, but did not turn up to this crucial meeting". 

However, the fight continues and has now switched to the planning arena. Cllr John Goulandris comments "Having met with Cotham School recently, I was shocked by the school's aggressive and selfish attitude, failing to recognise that Stoke Lodge is a community asset and not their exclusive sports field. There is no need for a fence and it is NOT an Ofsted requirement. 

John & Peter will do everything they can to protect Stoke Lodge and its environment. There is a lot at stake; access to green space, wonderful trees and real highway dangers with any intensified use.