Craven Way Speed Tables a Success

The new speed tables in Craven Way, Barrs Court, have proven to be a major success as average speeds have dropped 20% in the area where the dangerous combination of long straight roads, chicanes, and steady streams of commuter traffic have brought misery to the local community for a number of years.

Having campaigned for removal of the chicanes for several years, Cllrs Nick Barrett and Kaye Barrett, who represent Parkwall, Cadbury Heath, and Barrs Court, pushed for them to replaced with speed tables instead, which are ramp structures which force drivers to reduce their speeds.

This has resulted in a drop in average speeds of 20%, with some approaches to Craven Way seeing drops of more than 10mph, which clearly shows people were speeding through the chicanes and have thought twice about doing the same with speed tables.

Speaking of the scheme, Cllr Nick Barrett said: “After a long campaign it’s great to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The chicanes were causing long tailbacks, and drivers careering into them have ended up in people’s front gardens before, feet away from where residents are sat in their living rooms. The speed tables keep speeds down, but free up the traffic so it can move. We have even been able to install a new place to cross at the Tower Road end of Craven Way, which has been a huge help to local people with disabilities or small children. This is a great example of a community coming together to solve a problem and getting real results, I’m proud of the hard work put in by the people of Barrs Court to get to this point.”

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