Bedminster bus-lane branded another costly council 'White Elephant'

The southward section of Malago Road has had a section of bus-lane for well over a decade to the T-junction with Sheene Road, Bedminster.

At the junction at Sheene Road, the No 90 bus service turns left, under the railway bridge, into St John's Lane and onwards to Inn's Court.  The 'Showcase' No 75/ 76 bus services turn right, into West Street and on to Hengrove, via Hartcliffe and Bishopsworth.

But, Bishopsworth councillor Richard Eddy claims that only the No 90 bus uses the bus-lane, with three out of four No 75/ 76 buses pulling out into the general traffic lane and ignoring the designated bus-lane to their left.

Cllr Richard Eddy (Con, Bishopsworth) said: "I was first alerted to this bizarre situation by concerned constituents, but my own observations since then have confirmed that most bus-drivers on the 75/ 76 route simply flout the bus-lane."

"Bus-lanes are installed at huge expense to the local taxpayer and mean that private motorists and hauliers have less road-space to achieve their journeys, adding to congestion and potentially increasing air pollution.

"It is ludicrous for certain bus-drivers to ignore the convenience of designated bus-lanes and actually to use the road-space left over for other drivers.

"If other bus-drivers followed the example of their colleagues here, motoring in Bristol would soon grind to a stand-still.   Experience has shown that, all too often, a separate bus-lane can be a costly white elephant.

“This transport strategy or approach needs to be seriously rethought as the policy as it currently stands is something of a busted flush."