Hengrove & Whitchurch Park

Daniel Fear, Karen Brown & Edmund Hunt are your Conservative candidates for Hengrove & Whitchurch Park. 

They believe that Hengrove & Whitchurch Park deserves better.

  • Their plan for Hengrove & Whitchurch includes:
  • Standing up for local residents by holding the Labour Mayor to account
  • Making sure future housing developments benefit local residents
  • Campaigning against the proposed ring road
  • Campaign to scrap the position of Mayor 

Your Conservative team are working hard at these times to ensure everyone is kept safe and look forward to getting everything back on track following the coronavirus pandemic. As always, should you need to contact your councillors or local campaigners, then please do not hesitate to do so via our contact page, stating who you’d like to speak with and your location.

for too long Labour and the Liberal Democrats have taken our area for granted, vote Conservative on 6th of May to make sure Hengrove & Whitchurch Park's voice is heard at city hall. 

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