Frome Vale

Councillor Lesley Alexander is joined by local campaigner Pooja Poddar. Lesley and Pooja will fight for local residents at City Hall and will make sure the Council listens to the concerns of locals.

Lesley and Pooja have a positive vision for our area which includes:

  • Fighting for a new pedestrian crossing at the junction of River View
  • Renovating Fishponds play area
  • Putting pressure on the Labour Mayor to return to regular street sweeping
  • Campaign to remove car parking charges at Oldbury Court and other local parks
  • Work with the community to improve multi-cultural diversity in the area

Your Conservative team are working hard at these times to ensure everyone is kept safe and look forward to getting everything back on track following the coronavirus pandemic. As always, should you need to contact your councillors or local campaigners, then please do not hesitate to do so via our contact page, stating who you’d like to speak with and your location.

Lesley and Pooja will be a strong and positive voice for Frome Vale, and will make sure Bristol City Council gives Frome vale its fair share of support.  On the 6th of May 2021, use both your votes on the Conservatives.

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