Clifton Down

Local students Jude D'Alesio and Alexander Gibson are the Conservative candidates for Clifton Down ward in the upcoming Bristol City Council election.

Jude is a student at Bristol University living in Clifton. Already a school governor at Cabot Primary School, he is committed to serving the community and in his spare time, he loves nothing more than cycling through Clifton Down.

Alexander is a student at Bristol University and a Conservative candidate for Clifton Down. He volunteers in the ward by providing food to the homeless and working with schools across the nation to address mental health issues.

Alexander and Jude will hold the Mayor to account for his disastrous policies such as the failure of Bristol Energy. Working with other Councillors and the Mayor of the West of England, Alexander and Jude will improve public transport locally.

The pair also support holding a referendum on the future of the Bristol Mayor and will campaign to scrap the position.



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